The Little Black Book – Redux, has over 200+ workouts over its 164 pages and the chapters are broken up by distances that runners typically focus on from the 800m and the 1500m/mile up to the marathon. Each chapter leads in with a runner quote either about the race or the importance of the workouts to that distance then to mix it up even further, they added a “Spice it up” section for even more variety. What the book doesn’t tell you is when to put these into your schedule.


“It’s not a training book (in the traditional sense), but tons of workouts, aimed at elite athletes and coaches to give athletes more variety and a say in the direction of their training.”



Why should you listen to Brad Hudson?


Brad’s Little Black Book contains all the workouts he has created over the years drawing inspiration mainly from Renato Canova, Mark Wetmore, Bill Dellinger, Arturo Barrios but also from influential coaches such as Jack Daniels, Arthur Lydiard, John Cook, and many others. “Anyone who had coached me had an influence,” stated Hudson who was dubbed the Marathon Whisperer by Competitor Magazine.

Little Black Book Redux